PyroDust started back in 2004, well at least what was to become PyroDust. Early on it was something I made for my own use, as I cooked for friends and family I was asked where I bought the seasoning used. One day it was suggested that I sell my dry rub. That started the long process of refining and testing my rub, much to the joy of family and friends who where frequent taste testers.

The Name PyroDust came as a result of the things I am passionate about, BBQ and Pyrotechnics. I first started working with pyrotechnics back in 1997, working shows in the Chicago Land area. the slogan "Flavor In A Handful Of Dust" is a play on a phrase that I learned when I started in pyrotechnics. Besides making PyroDust, I hold a Texas state Pyrotechnic Operator License

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